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Folding Electric Assist Bike Airwheel R5

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Airwheel folding electric assist bike is perfect for urban city commuters and can make your everyday ride convenient and comfortable.

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Airwheel folding electric assist bike is perfect for urban city commuters and can make your everyday ride convenient and comfortable. It is a new way to commute with a different kind of riding pleasure whether with power assisted mode or electric assisted mode, you can enjoy riding the bike.

Quick folding (only three steps) – Best Electric Assist Bike 2021
Its main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals can be folded to save more space.

Prepare for your life
Its folding volume is 0.2m3 that can be stored into any corner of the house or car trunk.

Easy to fold and unfold
It can be easily carried into car trunk, bus, metro, etc.

High Performance Hub Motor
235W powerful hub motor integrates electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking device to the wheels. It offers higher power to ensure driving stableness.

Li-ion battery cell
Branded Li-ion battery guarantees sufficient power supply. Protected by 8 circuit protections, it is safer and more efficient.

Two Charging Methods
The battery is located below the saddle. It can be connected to the power source to charge, or remove the battery to charge.

Portable Power Source
The Battery of Airwheel R5 can be used as a portable power source with USB port, compatible with mobile phones and tables (70 times for charging Iphone6, 21 time for Ipad Mini).

Light aluminum alloy frame
Light and high performance aluminum alloy frame can bear 100 kg load.

16-inch customized hub
16-inch tire with unique tread pattern helps to drain water, dissipate heat and enhance grip performance. It ensures a comfortable riding experience.

Smarter and safer
Fault-diagnosis App guarantees your safety before travelling. Attentive intelligent design to set the speed level makes an easy and safe riding. In this App are fault self-diagnosis, speed setting, real-time positioning, riding data personal setting

Comfortable saddle
The adjustable saddle improves the riding comfort and reduces fatigue during long time riding.

Car-level painting tech
Low temperature painting technology, after japanning and washing etc. Over ten processes enables the product appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, realizing long-life service.

⦁ Major material : aluminium alloy
⦁ Folded dimension : 700 x 710 x 380 mm (HxLxW)
⦁ Folded volume : 0,2 m3
⦁ Unfolded dimension : 1180 x 1320 x 550 mm (HxLxW)
⦁ Tire size : 16 inch
⦁ Suitable height : 1,5~2,1m
⦁ Max. climbing angle : 15° (up to 18° for riders with 60 kg
⦁ Max. speed : ~20 kmh
⦁ Item weight : 18.5 kg
⦁ Battery weight : 1.4 kg
⦁ Max. load : 100 kg
⦁ Max. range : 100 km
⦁ Applicable temperature : -10°C~40°C
⦁ Charging time : 3 hours
⦁ Charge voltage : AC100-240V 50-60Hz
⦁ Battery equalization : yes
⦁ Overvoltage protection : yes
⦁ Overcharge protection : yes
⦁ Over discharge protection : yes
⦁ Overcurrent protection : yes
⦁ Short-circuit protection : yes
⦁ Temperature protection : yes
⦁ Anti-counter-flow protection: yes
⦁ Available colors : black, white

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