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Kids Electric Luggage Airwheel SQ3

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Kids travel riding suitcase is sturdy enough for everyday use or distant journeys

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Kids travel riding suitcase is sturdy enough for everyday use or distant journeys

Rideable electric children’s trolley suitcase. Children’s suitcase can sit and ride on the pull
Kids travel suitcase: A cute puppy design that will put a smile on any child’s face; This new wild friend is provided with DIY stickers so kids can design their own friend as they wish.

Music control menu, multiple modes for you to choose.

  • Support Bluetooth connection
  • Support TF card

Good music everywhere
Airwheel children’s suitcase can sit and ride, with a stylish appearance, powerful functions, and outstanding sound quality. It also supports a number of music playback modes, which can be paired with mobile phones and tablets to let you enjoy more good music as you ride.

Kids Luggage | Free Personalization
In addition to daily necessities, the wide box allows children to put their favorite toys and snacks in, creating a private space and improving their independence.

Cool flash wheel, make a little angel with light. Built-in power is transformed from glowing lamp beads
When the SQ3 children’s box slides, the built-in lamp beads generate electricity and emit light through the principle of electromagnetic induction, which not only has a cool appearance, but also increases the fun of children playing at night.

Four-speed adjustable aluminum alloy rod.Feels smooth and grows with the child
The Airwheel SQ3 children’s trolley case adopts a compact design based on the size of the child, allowing them to easily take care of their luggage. Built-in all-aluminum alloy thickened drawbar, smooth feel and low shaking. You can find comfortable gears for heights above 100cm.

DIY cartoon cute stickers-Kids Ride-On Suitcase
Unique personality suitcases, cartoon stickers, choose waterproof, flexible and not easy to tear sticker materials, stickers can be pasted on the smooth surface of the box, even if the stickers are removed, the surface of the box will not leave marks.


Features and functions:

Travel with confidence
Safe and environmentally friendly Polycarbonte material, Not afraid of close contact , Every cornerless design prevent baby from bumping at all times .

The safety “round” rule from smile
Inspired by the child’s bright smile, we blend the arc of smile into the shape of puppy, round elements are used to make the dog round and cute, while reducing the risk of direct injury.

Safe and reliable, strong and sturdy is the nature of SQ3
With composite pressure-resistant PC material, solid spine and a special aluminum frame handle, which makes suitcase light and strong, can ride, can sit on

TPU telescopic handle
High-strength TPU stretch elastic handle, Easy lifting and comfortable feelling 。

Excellent performance even on rough road
Pass smoothly through the pothole ground and can start stably even on a slope. Special motors have undergone thousands of tests and hundreds of design changes to adapt to a variety of road conditions.

Lithium iron phosphate battery chip
with lithium iron phosphate battery chip, Guarantee strong power and safety riding

Childhood together with you
Dogs are good friend of human, not just as pets, it have become an important member of your family,it is also source of happiness to accompany your children to grow up.

  • Size: 465X265X420mm
  • Size extend: 465X265X536mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Smart operation
  • Preferred material
  • Light motor
  • Beautiful music
  • Multiple safety protection
  • Suitable for children 3 to 6 years old
  • Large-capacity storage: 15 L
  • Convenient locks
  • Cool flash wheel
  • Hi-fi speakers
  • Polycarbonate material
  • BLDC Motors
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery chip
  • Patented product
  • Max Load: 40kg
  • Maximum speed: 5km/h

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