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Self-driving Suitcase – Smart Luggage Airwheel SR5

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Airwheel SR5 is a smart robot suitcase that can follow you automatically.

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Airwheel SR5 is a smart robot suitcase that can follow you automatically. The core technology of the smart luggage SR5 includes UWB and sensor technology by which it realizes auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance. It can travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects.

Move the smart robot luggage using your mouse!
Smart luggage can make your life a lot easier, what with built-in USB charging ports, it can auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance.

20 inch Standard carry on suitcase for airplane – cabin size!
International standard suitcase for airplane, can be on board directly, no need checking.

Innovative style of opening and closing
90 degree side open,easy to takeout your belongings and save your time.

Secure Fingerprint lock
Secure Fingerprint lock, the suitcase can go through the custom smoothly without being damaged.

Three gear adjustable rod with all aluminum
Hight-strength thickened all-aluminum alloy rod,full-fit hidden design, controlled by telescopic height of tight components,stableand easy to drag.

Good quality material can take powerful impact force
ABS+PC material,light weight an durable.also with function of water-proof, scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant.

Mute Shockproof Omni-Wheel
The omni-wheels ensures a smooth travel and the high-quality materials make it produce no noise pollution. Also, it is wear-resisting making it adaptable to different road conditions.

A smart suitcase that can be taken onto plane and stored in overhead cabin
The appearance of the Airwheel SR5 cabinet is designed by international IF award winners.

External USB port, autonomous luggage can charge your phone and tablet.
The removable 12000mAh lithium-ion battery complying with airline boarding requirements can charge your mobile phone, Pad and other electronics.

Secure and beautiful
Switch the main power, the LED will turn on.With follow/remote control mode, the breathing light will turn on with emergency, flash light will turn on.


Features and functions:

Automatic Following Free Your Hands
Equipped with UWB high-accuracy location technology, with opening of the smart band,the suitcase will follow you.

Mode Switch As You Wish
One button to switch :auto-follow mode to tow mode When using the normal tow mode ,the motor will draw up,protecting the motor and make it easy to tow the luggage.

Smart Band Anti-Lost Alarm
SR5 can recognize the distance to the owner.once the distance is out of security distance,the APP will alarm,and the band will also shake to alarm.

Inside Or Outside Of Room, Sunshine Or Darkness, Always Working!
No matter it is inside of room, sunshine outside, even the at the night with not good light situation, the suitcase always follow.

Smartphone APP, Make It Easy 😉
With bluetooth 4.0,your smartphone can be connected with SR5,you can make the settings like changing speed,self detecting,anti-lost alarm and so on.

Mobile Remote Control with smartphone
SR5 can be connected to your smartphone by bluetooth. You can even drive it. Have fun with 3 modes of operation.

Dual-Wheel Drive
Rear wheel with dual-wheel drive up to 40W of power provides strong power for SR5, and the 500rpm motor rated speed ensures a stable output power.

Automatic Avoid Obstacles, no collision
Using the ultrasonic to detect the direction and distance of obstacles. Plan paths dynamically to avoid obstacles and follow up smoothly.

Adapt To Multiple Terrain, Smooth Follow
Designed to adapt to a variety of road surface condition, like carpets, tiles, marble, cement roads, asphalt roads, blind roads, airport conveyor belts, etc. All road can be easily passed.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Size(Including Wheel Height): 20 inch (210X550X381mm)
  • Volume: 30L
  • Weight: 6kg / 13lb
  • Internal Structure: Separated zipper pocket + maintenance pocket + energy storage pocket
  • Lining Material: Polyester fabric
  • Draw-Bar: Dual-tube three section aluminum
  • Type Of Lock: Fingerprint lock
  • Wheel Design: Rear wheel drive, front Omni-directional wheel
  • Maximum Speed: 6km/h / 3.8mph
  • USB Transfer Port: The maximum output 5V / 1A
  • Motor parameters: 3.5 inch / 3 motors / 50W/20W

Battery Parameters:

  • Size: 151X78.3X21mm
  • Weight: 340g
  • Battery Capacity: 62.6Wh
  • Range: 5km
  • Charging Time: 13h
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery
  • Detachable: Yes


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